Sao Paulo, Brazil


Bachelor of Arts, FEBASP
Escola Panamericana de Arte
Aesthetics Language, MASP

My career as an artist and designer has always been related to abstractions, whether in the development of studies and sketches or in the production of prints and artworks. My search has never been for an obvious path, always focused on compositions and not on immediate conclusions. My works clearly show a pop language, mainly through layers of vibrant colors and shapes that result in organic compositions that create a visual of pieces that form abstract results. New prints and artworks, with different solutions and artistic media, may be included in the website in the future. In this space, the most important things are freedom and creativity.


Artists who inspire me
Kazimir Malevich  .  Sonia Delaunay  .  Joan Miró  .  Paul Klee  .  Henri Matisse

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.
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