FAQ, Terms &

1) Download instructions
1.1. Purchase the printable art of your choice.

1.2. Once payment is confirmed, you’ll receive, in your email address, a link for download.

1.3. Click the “download” button to save your file and choose the best option for printing. This will be a simple zip file containing all your items.

2) Are the abstract prints original creations?
Yes, all abstract prints in this website are original and exclusive artworks created by the plastic artist SOTTO.
3) What are prints?
Prints are copies of original artworks printed on paper or canvas. In art terms, it can mean an image created on a surface like a piece of paper, where the actual creation of the work uses the mechanics of a press and a variety of printing techniques. They are a great option to decorate houses, apartments, offices and rooms in general. Prints are also an excellent starting point for those who want to start a collection of artworks as they are affordable and easy to maintain.
4) What is a printable art?
A printable art is a convenient solution to decorate your home or office. It is a new way of choosing and buying artworks. Using your computer, you can conveniently and easily choose and purchase an original digital file directly from the artist and, after that, send your new artwork for printing.
5) What are the advantages of a printable art?
5.1. Convenience: The main advantage is its convenience and “serviceability.” You can easily customize your home or office with a digital art. After purchasing it, you only need to download the files and either take them to the closest printing shop or send them to an online printing service.

5.2. Instant fulfillment: One of the most interesting advantages is that you do not have to wait for the product to be shipped. You can choose the artwork you want and immediately get the selected image file.

5.3. Speed: You can print the file right away and choose a printing system or company, get it framed and decorate your home’s or office’s walls.

5.4. Accessibility: The printable art is probably the cheaper and most affordable way of buying artworks by specialized artists.

5.5. Flexibility: You can choose the size, surface, paper and quality of the materials used to print your art.

5.6. Advanced technology: printing advanced technology means that, after purchasing a high-resolution digital art file, you can print it using a graphic system and its quality will be almost the same as that of the original art.

6) What about formats and proportions?

An original file for reproduction is made available for all artworks offered in this website.

All printable arts have a high-resolution file with the maximum size of 1,500mm, 59”. In the case of rectangular artworks, this measure is shown on the largest side. To get the best resolution quality, we recommend that the art be reproduced in the mentioned maximum original size or in smaller formats (the following image brings suggestions on the most common sizes).

Some abstract prints in this website are available in proportions different from the sizes suggested below. To preview the best proportion for your reproduction, always consider the measure of the largest size. For example: If you choose to print the art in the A1 format, the proportion of your copy should consider the largest side: 841mm, 33’’.

sizes proportions

7) What about the color printing results?
When you print your artwork, it is important to remember that the color can be slightly different from those shown in your computer or smartphone screen. This happens because of the several possible differences in the monitor calibration and printers. The final printing quality also depends on the type of printer or paper used. If you have questions, get in contact with your local printing shop or photo lab to learn about safer options.
8) What about the physical print?

You will NOT receive a physical print. No physical product will be sent. In this website, you will only download the digital printable art. If you want a “physical” product, you can buy the artwork of your choice here. Saatchi Art will print it and send the physical artwork to you safely and professionally.

9) What about frames?
This website is exclusively directed at printable arts. We do not sell frames and other framing materials. The photographs show the artworks in rooms and residential spaces and are for illustration purposes only. You can choose a framer or framing company that you trust or order the framed printable art directly through the Saatchi Art website.
10) Why Saatchi Art?

Saatchi Art is the world’s leading online art gallery, connecting people with arts and artists. Based in Los Angeles, Saatchi Art is redefining the experience of buying and selling art by making it easy, convenient and welcoming for both collectors and artists. It is important to highlight that Saatchi Art is a third-party provider and is not part of the SOTTO website. Accordingly, if you have any questions about the purchasing process, get directly in contact with it. If you choose to print the artwork, click here.

11) How do I order?
To buy a printable art in this website is very easy! You only have to click the “add to shopping cart” button, provide your email and billing address and place the order. Downloads are available once your payment is confirmed. Your confirmation may take a few minutes when you pay by PayPal.
12) Problems with your download?
If the download does not complete after your payment, it might be a problem with your browser. Disable the non-standard add-ons or tool bars previously installed in your browser and try again. If the file you received is corrupt, exclude it and try to download it again.
13) What are the payment options?
PayPal, an internationally recognized leader in safe online payment processing services, is the payment system provider for the SOTTO website.
14) What about refund?
Like in any “digital” purchase models, whether of artworks, other items or media. digital download purchases are not reimbursable/refunds.
15) About license and use of images

If you want to license an artwork you found in the SOTTO website, please email me directly. The files herein are for personal use only. Buyers are not authorized to use them for business purposes. The COMMERCIAL USE and RESALE of all artworks, either as a digital and(or) physical product, are STRICTLY PROHIBITED. We request that companies, brands, products or services that want to purchase the artworks herein, or also for orders, get in contact through this link. All rights reserved. Please be advised that buyers are not purchasing the image rights.

Any and all publishing and reproduction rights are reserved solely by the artist. The artworks presented herein may not be copied, redistributed or deviated whatsoever. If you are buying an artwork with the intention of reselling it or is not acquainted with the legal rights of the artist after the sale, please refer to the Visual Artists Rights Act and the International Copyright Law.

16) Do you accept commissions?
Yes! I accept commissions from private collectors and companies. Please, contact me and I will be more than pleased to analyze your need.